Innovative Trading Tools to Give You
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A Powerful
Trading Companion
In the fast-paced world of financial markets, it can be tricky to determine which moves matter.

Focus on what is important and cut through the clutter with Autochartist’s suite of innovative trading tools designed to help you trade smarter, better and faster.

Trading Made Simpler with MT4 Market Scanner

Autochartist is the world’s first market scanner for MT4, recognised for its ability to automatically recognise high probability trade setups for novice and experienced traders.

Using its powerful algorithms and pattern recognition technology, it continuously scans the market and alerts traders of emerging trends and trading possibilities based on chart patterns, Fibonacci patterns and Key levels.

Whether you are a trend trader or a swing trader, the market scanner saves you valuable analysis time and effort by showing you where the action is with its approaching and breakthrough patterns.

Harness the power of this powerful tool and seize actionable opportunities as they arise.