More liquid than any other financial market, the forex market is opens to participants globally and at all times – making its trading volume the highest with a turnover of US$ 5 trillion daily. Often referred to as forex or FX, foreign exchange is the domain in which the exchange of money between two countries takes place at a mutually agreed rate.

Over-the-Counter Market (OTC)

Your trades do not go through an exchange and forex trading is settled “on the spot” as opposed to at a set date in the future. Forex gives options for you to enter a buy or sell trade whenever you’d like without restrictions, offering opportunities to gain from short-selling currencies.

Trade with Leverage

Leverage allows you to hold larger positions than your initial deposit, allowing traders to hold positions with only a fraction of the value that is required. With a larger tradable fund for trading, you are able to trade more than what you have initially deposited.

Forex Contract Specifications Details