5 Lesser Known Cryptocurrencies with the Most Potential in 2023

As of mid-July 2023, Bitcoin (BTC) had gained 87.80% year-to-date, while Ether (ETH) had added 66.28%. The massive potential for cryptocurrencies to increase in value has made them a popular part of many well-diversified portfolios for traders worldwide. At the same time, the crypto market is infamous for its volatility. Therefore, choosing the digital currencies with the maximum potential for growth is the first step to following the “buy low, sell high” principle. But this is easier said than done, given that there are over 9,000 cryptocurrencies to choose from.

So, we’ve done some groundwork for you to list the top 5 lesser-known cryptocurrencies analysts believe have the highest growth potential.

1. AiDoge (AI)

AiDoge got listed on CoinMarketCap on July 1, 2023, after which its price rallied 60% within 24 hours. The idea behind the coin is using evolving AI technology to create memes. Memes are massively popular across social media, and the market's vastness lends the coin an advantage. The combination of AI with memes intuitively seems a winning one. The blockchain rewards voters as well as stakers.

Riding on the AI-wave for diverse applications, the blockchain uses a unique system of burning taxes to maintain supply and demand balance. Advanced algorithms can create contextually relevant memes by digesting extensive meme datasets and the latest crypto news. The gaming angle adds excitement around the token. Additionally, the token facilitates staking for owners to use AiDoge coins for daily potential gains. The plans for the ecosystem include NFT Prologue, the AiDoge Vault, and the AI Lab.

2. yPredict (YPRED)

yPredict is another AI-based coin with a problem-solving approach. It facilitates developers to generate income by allowing them to sell predictive models. These models encompass risk modelling, fraud detection and buyer behaviour prediction to transform B2B decision-making. It is built on the Polygon network, which is considered highly reliable by the crypto community.

The goal of yPredict is to empower decision-makers with state-of-the-art predictive analyses. For this, the team has partnered with PhD-level experts to develop disruptive AI systems. It enables data scientists, quant analysts and traders to create secure and transparent prediction models with real-time reports and reliable predictions.

It offers an institutional-grade price prediction system for the cryptocurrency world, popularised as a game-changer for the trading industry. It offers signals, sentiment analysis, technical analysis and pattern recognition services for crypto traders.

3. AltSignals (ASI)

This cryptocurrency signals provider was launched in the 2017/2018 bull-run phase of the digital currency market. Its goal was to protect crypto traders from ever-increasing scams by offering high-quality and consistent trading signals. AltSignals provides trading signals for many popular cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ether, Ripple and Dash.

The whitepaper details an elegant plan to develop a supercharged version of algorithmic trading, named ActualizeAI. The trading stack is projected to improve the accuracy of trading signals from 64% to 80% using predictive modelling and NLP. The prediction rests on their patented trading tool, AltAlgo. Their insights are popular among crypto traders for risk management, trading strategy development and occasional market updates with resistance and support zones.

4. InQubeta (QUBE)

The AI-powered marketing-focused project enables business growth acceleration. Its key features include decentralised operations and cross-chain compatibility. These make the project popular among crypto-marketing projects. Its strong foundation of the Ethereum blockchain and a highly-secure ecosystem with smart contract capabilities allow through and rigorous auditing by reputed firms.

The team aims to empower start-ups with crypto crowdfunding via fractional NFT marketplaces. AI firms can pitch their projects to a wide investor base by translating investment opportunities into NFTs. The project has transformative potential to put the ownership of customer experience in the hands of the advertiser.

5. Ecoterra (ECOTERRA)

A trend that is bound to snowball in the coming years, along with AI applications, is sustainability. Ecoterra is a cypto based on the Recycle2Earn app that rewards tokens for recycling and other ecologically beneficial actions. The project is designed as a reverse vending machine to enable eco-friendly disposition of used items. Ecoterra maintains transparency by sharing all updates regarding the project on their Telegram channel.

It aims at rewarding businesses and consumers for promoting recycling and carbon-offsetting activities. The added gamification angle, with “play to earn” and “move to earn,” helps users effortlessly accumulate points. Also, it lets token owners reinvest (a form of staking) to enable the financing of green projects. Impact Trackable Profiles allow users to monitor eco-conscious activities.

Trading Cryptocurrencies with CFDs

Cryptocurrencies are a risky asset class due to high market volatility. However, the nascent market has been garnering more volume than many traditional asset classes. The percentage of the portfolio you choose to allocate to digital currencies depends on your risk appetite, financial goals and volatility tolerance levels. Another important thing to consider is to enter the market only after gaining an understanding of how crypto works, rather than being driven by emotions, such as herd instinct or FOMO.

Crypto-enthusiasts worldwide ensure strong risk management measures and only use as much capital as they can afford to lose while speculating on the digital asset class. Trading cryptos via CFDs is a popular technique among traders of all experience levels because:

  • CFDs are derivative instruments that allow trading with leverage, amplifying market exposure even for those with limited capital.
  • CFD trading allows you to speculate on rising as well as falling prices.
  • Traders do not need to worry about crypto wallets and the security of their crypto holdings since they don’t need to own the underlying asset to trade CFDs.

However, remember that trading with a margin magnifies potential gains and risks. So, traders choose the leverage level wisely and hedge their positions adequately. Also, don’t forget to do your research before investing in any digital currency.

To Sum Up:

  • High volatility in the crypto market attracts traders since it offers multiple trading opportunities.
  • Identifying the cryptos with the best potential requires thorough fundamental analysis and project assessment.
  • In the current financial climate, AI and sustainability focussed cryptos with real-life utility are considered to have high growth potential.
  • Crypto trading with CFDs allows traders to speculate on rising and declining markets.
  • CFDs reduce the entry barrier for traders through leverage.
  • Traders employ appropriate risk management techniques and put in only as much capital as they can afford to lose.


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