UK EU Break Up Worries Traders; Blackwell Global Weighs In On Regulations


    In the aftermath of the results of the EU referendum, international forex and CFDs brokerage Blackwell Global will continue to comply with the requirements of both the FCA and CySEC in its respective entities, thereby upholding stringent safety standards as a brokerage to its clients in the UK, EU nations as well as the broader EMEA.

    The results of this referendum have been of particular interest as its impact is being deliberated upon, especially with regard to the detangling of existing EU legislation in UK. Clients can be assured that adherence to statutes will continue, especially with existing legislations between UK and the European Union. Blackwell Global’s licence with FCA means that the full protection of its clients’ investments in the UK and the European region is maintained, as covered under UK law and derived from EU legislation. One of the most prominent regulatory bodies in the world, FCA sets strict and unyielding standards to ensure the protection of the rights of the client.

    In addition, with Blackwell Global’s Cyprus entity being fully regulated by CySEC, its brokerage services continue to be available to all European Union member states and other countries outside of the EU. As a world-renowned monetary authority that is based in Cyprus, the strict regulatory demands of CySEC help ensure the assets of our European clients are fully protected.

    Should any alterations be made to existing legislation, Blackwell Global will work in compliance with regulators and facilitate the transition of clients to the appropriate regulatory domains to ensure that they will continue to enjoy optimal protection of their investments. Blackwell Global maintains its obligations to uphold stringent standards of protection for clients not just in Europe and the UK, but across all its global entities.

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