"Preparation and Relaxation Techniques"

    29-year-old football star, Gylfi Sigurdsson, is one of Everton’s key attacking players. The Premier League side paid a Club-record fee in August 2017 to secure his services from Swansea City. Gylfi began his career with Reading, proceeding on to other clubs including Hoffenheim, where he was declared the player of the season in 2010-11.   The Rising Star Sigurdsson made his senior international debut for his homeland, Iceland, in 2010. Gylfi was part of the side that famously reached the quarter-finals of UEFA Euro 2016, the first major tournament appearance of his career. During the qualifying rounds of the FIFA World Cup 2018, Sigurdsson scored 4 goals for Iceland, helping them to get past teams like Ukraine and Turkey to secure a position in the main rounds. Sigurdsson’s debut season for Everton saw him contribute four goals, a tally he has already reached in the 2018/19 season. Sigurdsson specialises in set-pieces and can find the back of the net or a team mate. Naturally, such skills on the field require tremendous discipline and pre-game preparation. Just like traders who invest time in studying the markets and gaining knowledge about various technical analysis tools, footballers too spend a lot of time in finding ways to make their game better.   The Importance of Pre-Game Preparation and Relaxation Techniques   Sigurdsson advises aspiring athletes to invest a lot of time in training for the game stating that players should always try to practice the weaker foot to gain an edge over others. He also puts emphasis on gaining optimum control and touching the ball twice before making a move. Apart from a strenuous practice schedule, Sigurdsson is also a golf fan. In fact, he spends his weekends either playing golf or relaxing with his family and dog. Walking his dog is one of the high points of the day for him. Before a game, he listens to music in the locker room and also chats with his teammates. After that, he spends time warming up and getting in the zone. Training and relaxation are important for trading success as well. Blackwell Global provides a comprehensive investor education portal, from where traders can find educational articles, webinars on different strategies, fundamental and technical indicators and much more. Finding the right educational tools is the best way to prepare before you foray into the financial markets.