Reductions to Margin Requirements on More Products in Ease on Brexit Measures

    Margin requirements on further selected products have been reduced following our ease on trading restrictions implemented because of the EU Referendum. This will be implemented at 10pm UK time (9pm GMT), Sun 7 August 2016.

    Below is the full list of instruments and their margin requirements after this revision:

    Affected Instruments Margin Requirements Affected Instruments Margin Requirements
    AUDCHF 2 times GBPCHF 2 times
    CADCHF 2 times GBPJPY 1 times
    CHFJPY 2 times GBPNZD 1 times
    CHFSGD 2 times GBPSGD 1 times
    EURAUD 1 times GBPUSD 1 times
    EURCAD 1 times NZDCHF 2 times
    EURCHF 2 times USDCHF 2 times
    EURGBP 1 times XAGUSD 1 times
    EURJPY 1 times XAUUSD 1 times
    EURNOK 1 times DE30 1 times
    EURNZD 1 times ES35 1 times
    EURSEK 1 times F40 1 times
    EURSGD 1 times STOXX50 1 times
    EURTRY 1 times UK100 1 times
    EURUSD 1 times UKOil 1 times
    GBPAUD 1 times USOil 1 times
    GBPCAD 1 times    

    This revision is subject to market volatility pertaining to Brexit, and Blackwell Global will continue to monitor the markets. We will keep you updated should there be any further changes.