Revision of Margins on Mon, 18 Jul 2016 Due to Political Instability in Turkey

    The Turkey Coup Attempt which took place on Friday, 15 July 2016 saw the Turkish Lira posting one of the biggest one-day declines against the dollar since October 2008 as Turkey’s military seized power. Dollar-Turkish Lira settled at 3.0157 as the market closed on Friday. In light of the event, it is expected that the market will be volatile during this period of unrest. With that anticipation, Blackwell Global will increase the margins on the following selected instrument from Monday, 18 July 2016, 9:00am (GMT). Below is the list of instruments that are affected:

    Affected Instruments

    Margin Increase


    2 times


    2 times

    Blackwell Global has taken this measure to help our valued clients manage the potential risk through this period of expected volatility and uncertainty. As your broker, we are deeply concerned about your financial security and we suggest that you avoid trading on the above instruments so as to minimise exposure to increased risks. Please ensure that your margin collateral is properly managed especially during this uncertain period – as such periods of heightened volatility can create possibilities of significant price gaps and periods of illiquidity, which can potentially put your account on a margin call. If you have open positions during the affected period, margin requirements to keep those positions open could rise. We would like to stress that Stop Loss Orders are not guaranteed to be filled at your order level; Stop Orders are converted to Market Orders once triggered, and dislocations in available liquidity could result in significant slippage on Stop Orders. Blackwell Global will closely monitor market volatility and liquidity, and will reassess the margin requirements relative to the situation in Turkey and make the necessary adjustments thereafter. The reinstatement of margin or any further adjustment in margin is subjected to further changes depending on the market conditions. This will be made known via notifications on Blackwell Global’s Company News web page.