Revision of Margins on Sun, 6 November 2016 Due to U.S. Presidential Election

    In light of the 58th quadrennial United States presidential election that will be held on Tuesday, 8 November, 2016, it is expected that markets will be volatile during the period of voting. With that anticipation, Blackwell Global will increase the margins on the following selected instruments from Sunday, 6 November 2016, 9:00pm (GMT). Effective on Sunday, 6 November onwards:

    Forex (Majors)
    Affected Instruments Margin Increase
    AUDUSD 2 times
    EURUSD 2 times
    GBPUSD 2 times
    NZDUSD 2 times
    USDCAD 2 times
    USDCHF 2 times
    USDJPY 2 times
    Forex (Crosses & Exotics)
    Affected Instruments Margin Increase Affected Instruments Margin Increase
    EURCAD 3 times NZDCHF 3 times
    EURCHF 3 times NZDJPY 3 times
    EURGBP 3 times NZDUSD 3 times
    EURJPY 3 times SGDJPY 3 times
    EURNOK 3 times USDCAD 3 times
    EURNZD 3 times USDCHF 3 times
    EURSEK 3 times USDCNH 3 times
    EURSGD 3 times USDDKK 3 times
    EURTRY 3 times USDHKD 3 times
    EURUSD 3 times USDHUF 3 times
    GBPAUD 3 times USDJPY 3 times
    GBPCAD 3 times USDMXN 3 times
    GBPCHF 3 times USDNOK 3 times
    GBPJPY 3 times USDPLN 3 times
    GBPNZD 3 times USDSEK 3 times
    GBPUSD 3 times USDSGD 3 times
    NOKJPY 3 times USDTRY 3 times
    NOKSEK 3 times USDZAR 3 times
    NZDCAD 3 times
    Precious Metals
    Affected Instruments Margin Increase
    XAGUSD 2 times
    XAUUSD 2 times
    Cash CFDs
    Affected Instruments Margin Increase
    AUS200 2 times
    DE30 2 times
    ES35 2 times
    STOXX50 2 times
    F40 2 times
    HK50 2 times
    JP225 2 times
    UK100 3 times
    US30 3 times
    US100 3 times
    US500 3 times
    USOil 3 times
    UKOil 3 times

    Please note that Blackwell Global server time is set to GMT +2.

    Please bear in mind the additional risk that such events can carry and adjust your trading style as necessary.

    If you have open positions during the affected period, margin requirements to keep those positions open could rise. We strongly recommend that you monitor open positions carefully and maintain a sufficient account surplus throughout this period.

    Please be aware that Stop Loss Orders are not guaranteed to be filled at your order level as they are converted to Market Orders once triggered. And due to lack of liquidity and dislocation, Pending Orders may not be filled in accordance with your demands, as spread widening may occur.

    Blackwell Global will closely monitor market volatility and liquidity and will reassess the margin requirements during and after the Election and make the necessary adjustments thereafter.